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Business Process Outsourcing for Global Players...


Individual Services
The range of services offered by InterGest comprises all the administrative tasks associated with running a foreign branch office, subsidiary, regional office or associated company.

Our range of services is, therefore, tailored to suit the individual requirements of any company. While it is not possible to describe in detail the full spectrum and customisable options of our services on this website, we are able to provide an overview.


We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements face-to-face.


Preparatory Phase
In the first stage, the preparatory phase, we will analyse your company's situation thoroughly and will draw up a suitable legal and fiscal concept for your foreign operational facility. The concept includes the definition of the economic purpose, the determination of the financial requirements and the preliminary checking of the existing operational sequences with regard to their organisational and technical prerequisites. Our work in this phase is free of charge to our future customers and is not binding in any respect.


Introductory Phase
In the subsequent introductory phase, we will assist you in setting up the organisational structure of your foreign operational facility, in recruiting staff, and in laying down the chart of accounts and the company accounting system. We will also help you to draw up terms of delivery and payment, general standard terms and conditions or delivery contracts.


Activities and Advice

Administrative Activity
InterGest will implement its administrative services according to your requirements. Our clients of course have access to their current accounting figures and data at any given time.

Ongoing Advice
Through ongoing advice, InterGest supports its clients through all phases of their growth, employing its competence and expertise to ensure their economic success.