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The City Guide For Business Metropoles

The department head meeting in Rome, the annual board meeting in Paris, a customer visit in Shanghai, or visiting the fair in Delhi, many questions arise before the journey starts: What is the fastest way to get from the airport into the city? When are the holidays in this country? At what times public offices will be opened? Where to go for lunch with my business partners?

The answers to these questions and many insider tips about 36 major metropolitan areas are given by the brand new "InterGest City Guide". The city guide is aimed particularly at busy business travelers who are just a few days in town and have no time themselves to search, collect and select all the information about the location of the business trip.

“For Portuguese punctuality is not a virtue, so take it easy, but be on time by yourself."

"Do not ignore the lunch break, it is for the Luxembourgers as sacred as it is for the French."

"As a German never talk to a Swiss about football."

"Please avoid indiscreet questions about wife and family, religion and politics while talking to people in Dubai".

These are just a few of the typical customs and traditions described in the publication and must be observed for a successful deal.

The city guide is published by InterGest and the Foreign Economics Publisher local global. The InterGest City Guide can be ordered directly by contacting us.

Brochure, 80 pages
9,80 Euro
Publisher: local global GmbH, Stuttgart (ISBN-13: 978-3-9810156-2-1)