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Business Process Outsourcing for Global Players...

The Art Of Being Local Worldwide!

InterGest is a globally operating trust company.

Our objective is to assist you in your export activities and to support you with all administrative processes in the respective target country. InterGest assumes responsibility in the form of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for all your administrative activities, starting with the formation formalities and domiciliation of a foreign branch office or subsidiary through to the fiduciary management of daily administrative tasks.

InterGest can deal with everything apart from your sales activities and technology.


InterGest North America, LLC. was established in 1996 with Mr. Wilfried Roggenbau as Managing Director. We are the operating entity in the USA of InterGest, formed to assist small and medium size foreign businesses establish a base for manufacturing, trading or distribution.

InterGest North America, LLC.
Director: Wilfried Roggenbau
400 Oser Avenue, Suite 1650
Hauppauge, NY 11788, U.S.A.
Phone: +1 631 501 0500
Fax: +1 631 501 1060


The InterGest organization offers an up-to-date, cost-effective and efficient method for developing foreign markets through directly controlled overseas subsidiaries. The services and systems provided by InterGest are designed to assist the exporting company in developing an effective and efficient method for the establishment and administration of a foreign branch or subsidiary.

InterGest takes the lead in coordinating all legal fiscal monetary customs and foreign exchange. Transport, storage and operational management transactions in the field of international goods and services. Our state-of-the-art technology offers worldwide management and control of foreign subsidiaries via the Internet at minimal cost. This applies to B2C as well as B2B companies.

Thanks to the InterGest concept, foreign suppliers become local suppliers. Their business becomes local.


The advancing development of international cooperation and exporting is making economic activity increasingly complicated. Business transactions not only need to be seen from a commercial point of view; it is also necessary to take technical, legal, fiscal and human factors into consideration.

After considering the alternatives and weighing up all the arguments, there is really only one viable possibility for developing foreign markets: a wholly-owned sales subsidiary. Organize your export activities with your own means. Present yourself to your customers as a local business and sell your products under your own corporate identity. What was and is the right approach in your country of origin applies in equal measure to the foreign markets you are aiming to develop.

We support you with all our expertise.


Your company's goal must be to establish an image and offer your services in every country to which you export in the same way as your local competitors, for given the opportunity customers will want to buy locally. If foreign suppliers want to be competitive with regard to local suppliers, they need to be present in the market with a local organisation.

The InterGest organization can provide you in individual export markets with all the necessary administrative infrastructure and associated services. This allows you to manage and control your foreign sales subsidiary from your home base at minimum cost.

The services offered by InterGest are adapted to the specific legal, fiscal, customs and transport systems operating in the particular country, as well as to conditions with respect to mentality and language. Professional codes of ethics also frequently play a role in this context.

We assure that through a single business correspondent InterGest you are provided with all the information and services necessary for developing the market and managing your foreign subsidiary or branch.